Amplified Concepts is a freelancer collaborative bringing together talent and resources to meet a client’s needs no matter the size of the project. By offering the resources of an agency model to freelancers we are able to better serve their clients and effectively scale their services to the needs of each project.

Amplified Concepts was started by Sherry Heyl in 2016 with the help of a team of freelancers that she had been working with for several years. They worked together to create a model that enables freelancers to scale their business and collaborate with little friction to better serve their client’s needs. 

Our members are marketing and technology professionals with niche expertise and experience working in a variety of industries. No matter the size of the project or level of expertise and knowledge needed we can put the right team together for your project.

According to the 2017 Freelancing in America Survey, the majority of the workforce will be freelancers by 2027.

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