Why should you join Amplified Concepts?

The dream of working for yourself is delightful until you meet the reality that “for yourself” means by yourself.

It can be lonely, frustrating, and frightening.

As a member you will be able to:

  • Apply to work on incoming projects
  • Build your own team for bigger projects or projects that need diverse skill sets
  • Reduce your overhead by sharing the cost of resources
  • Outsource your billing and collections
  • Share knowledge with and learn from other freelancers

Our concept was developed by a group of independent-minded freelancers who joined together to amplify their offerings, knowledge, and experiences. Our model enables freelancers to stop simply trading hours for dollars and to scale their business, focus on their niche expertise, and compete for larger jobs.

Here’s how:

Let’s meet Mary*

She just left her full-time job to be a freelancer. She has been planning for this for a few years. She knows what she is good at and she knows who her clients should be and the value of her offerings. What Mary did not plan for is how much time it would take to invoice clients, track expenses, and follow up on late payments. She is also baffled by how many proposals she sends out compared to how many deals she closes and she is not sure how to handle the requests her clients seem to throw out of left field.

By joining the freelancers collaborative, Mary no longer has to worry about invoicing or collections. She is paid on time and she has a team of experienced freelancers coaching her on how to improve her sales process and manage client expectations.

Mary is now Amplified

Let’s meet Steve*

Steve has been freelancing for a few years and has developed a great reputation for delivering top-quality projects on-time and with a smile. Steve’s clients love working with Steve. They only want to work with Steve. So they are always asking Steve if he can do projects that are not quite Steve’s expertise or what he wants to do. He often finds himself buried in work that he would rather outsource but he does not want to deal with hiring, managing, and paying people.

By joining the freelancers collaborative, Steve now has a project manager on call who is an expert at hiring, managing, and paying people. Steve is still the client contact and gets final approval on everything before it is sent to the client, but he does not have to manage it all or even better, try to do it all.

Steve is now Amplified 

Let’s meet Lisa*

Lisa began freelancing to reduce her workload in order to pursue other interests. She is an expert in her field and her work is highly praised but she does not always have enough projects coming in to meet her expenses. She is often told she needs to attend networking events, market herself through social media, make sales calls, which is all great advice but they are all activities that take time.

By joining the freelancers collaborative, Lisa is now pulled in on a variety of different projects that have helped supplement her income without having to increase her time on sales activities.

Lisa is now Amplified 

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*The above examples are fictional personas representing real stories.