Headshot.jpgI believe 80% of all problems, limitations, and missed opportunities in any organization, including families, comes down to poor or nonexistent communication. Many businesses today think they’re communicating clearly and in interesting ways. Customers, prospects, and employees might disagree.

I’m Mike Stiles of Brand Content Studios, and I help brands simplify and clarify their key messaging, build an infotainment content-driven communications plan around their business goal, and lead production of the needed content assets regardless of format (website, blog, article, social post, video, podcast, infographic, etc.) We’ve done this for clients like Delta, P&G, IHG, WestRock, UCB, and AAA, and for both external and internal audiences.

Content is not a commodity. It can be powerful in the hands of journalists and entertainers who know how to win trust and evoke human emotions that drive audiences to take a desired action.

Key Skills: Writing, content brainstorming and development, content strategy, content production, including video and podcasting.