There is no fee to join. As a free member, you are able to network with other freelancers to share information and insights.

If you would like to share a resource such as a co-working space, software license, membership fees and so forth, you will pay for your portion of the shared expense plus a small administrative fee.

Projects that are managed through the Amplified Concepts have operations fees deducted from the project.

Amplified Concepts will help you identify talent and resources needed to successfully serve your clients, invoice the client and manage the collections, and pay all freelancers that are involved. The operations fees also help us pay for managing and growing the collaborative.

No. You became a freelancer for the freedom and flexibility. No one should try to take that away from you.

Absolutely! Even if you bring in a project that you do not work on you will receive a sales commission for the deal.

In addition, our model also ensures that you are compensated as the account manager if you are the main contact for the client.

The team member who brings in the client selects which team members they would like to have on the job. If they need referrals from other team members they just need to ask. Ultimately, it is their decision.

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