Erin GoodierHi, I’m Erin Goodier. I create social media videos for small businesses and nonprofits. I film and edit videos for organizations that are looking to take their video content to the next level. That could mean businesses that looking to create their first introduction video for their homepage to organizations that are ready to start a new education series. I help design and produce video content that helps people connect to their customers and leave an impact.

I believe that video is powerful, and that is why online sites like Google and Facebook increasingly favor video content. However, I often see organizations that are unable to use video content to their advantage because of time and budget restrictions; I want to change that.


My projects often include a combination of filming interviews, covering events, and animating motion graphics. Each project is designed to highlight the organizations’ unique values and services. I love when I get to work with organizations that are passionate about what they do because I’m passionate about what I do. That’s why I’ve found myself often working with small business owners and nonprofits. They are working hard to make an impact and I am here to help!