When you hire a freelancer from Amplified Concepts you are paying only for the skills and resources you need. Our business model keeps our overhead low while still enabling us to scale to meet the needs of projects large and small.

There is no finder’s fee for hiring a freelancer from our collaborative and more often than not your company will be working with a team of professionals who have worked on many other projects together. When a project does require us to look for a new team member, their work will be managed by one of our account managers to ensure quality.

Absolutely! Our service exists to make the lives of our members and clients easier. If it is decided that it would be easier to hire a freelancer direct without running the project through Amplified Concepts, then that is what should be done. 

A fee may apply if the member was already under contract to do work with your company. 

No, it is actually less expensive. Because we are sharing resources our costs are lower and we are able to pass those savings on to you.

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