Amplified Concepts Talent

Below are the skillsets and talent of the members of the Amplified Concepts members. We can put together a team to meet any marketing objective providing our clients with one point of contact and one invoice.

  • Writer: A wordsmith who can communicate emotions, ideas, and solutions to your target audience in the form of social media posts, ad copy, blogs, articles, white papers, emails and more. *Average $65/hr
  • Software Developer: People who speak in the languages of code to make the magic of technology happen. *Average $85/hr
  • Commercial Photographer: Captures the shades, colors, and angles that make their clients look great in pictures. * Average $40/hr
  • Videographer and Editor: Telling your story through video in a way that captures and keeps the attention of your audience. *Average $60/hr
  • Graphic Designer: Create visual concepts to communicate ideas including logo designs, templates, and ad layout. *Average $60/hr
  • Product Designer: Depending on the need, a product designer can go by many different titles including, but not limited to: Experience Designer (XD), Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer (IX), Experience Architect (XA), User Interface Designer (UI), User Experience Designer (UX). A product designer will understand the client’s needs, create wireframes or prototypes for the product the fulfills those needs, test and refine the design, and help create a product or experience the fulfills the stated need of the clients. *Average 100/hr
  • Advertiser: Social Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads, Bill Board Ads. There is an abundance of ways to advertise your company and each platform provides unique opportunities and guidelines. Our advertisers work with you to create a campaign that works within your budget to reach your target audience and leads to the desired outcome of the campaign. *Average $80/hr
  • Trainer/Facilitator: Provide seminars, workshops, or team discussions on a topic they have expertise in. Our trainers focus on marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales strategies and tactics. *Average $100/hr
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist: will optimize your website and content so that it ranks high within searches. This is no longer just about google searches, but also has considerations is location-based searches, mobile searches, and more. *Average $75/hr
  • Web Developer: Front-end web developers are responsible for the design, layout, functionality, and usability of your brand’s digital home. They work with you to understand your business, sales process, and marketing strategy to ensure that your website is properly integrated with all of your business activities and represents your brand well. *Average $80/hr
  • Mobile App Developer: Specialists in designing and building apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms. *Average $65/hr
  • Social Media Manager: Develops a social media strategy that engages your target audience with brand-related information that leads to the desired business goal. Develops and posts content, including images and video. Monitors online content for opportunities to respond and potential risks to the brand as well as gathers intelligence on consumer online behavior and what the competition is doing. Your social media manager may also handle social media ads or work with your advertising specialist. *Average $40/hr
  • Event Manager: Handles the logistics of putting together events including entertainment, speaker selection, venue, food, and promotions. *Average $50/hr
  • Public Relations Professional: Plans and organizes communications with the public with a focus on media relations, publications, and speeches. *Average $70/hr
  • Research Analyst: Gathers and analyzes data to interpret the best approach to reach customers and fulfill their needs. *Average $70/hr
  • Project Manager: Responsible for herding cats, pleasing everybody, and making sure that everything is done on time and within budget. Their superpowers include detail-oriented organization skills and superb communications capabilities. *Average $70/hr
  • Email Marketer: Manage a compliant email database, create compelling content that aligns with the business goals, segment audiences to receive timely and relevant messages. $65/hr
  • Acting and Voice Over: The talent and sound that represents your brand in videos or in audio messages. *Average $75/hr

*Pricing is based on project scope and not billed hourly. The hourly rate listed above is offered as a way to estimate the cost of projects.

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