Looking for Engagement? Make Sure Your Content Hits the SPOT

by Stephen Lashey

Content that locks attention and drives engagement doesn’t have to be intimidating. There’s a simple formula to drive topics and thought-leadership that stay tightly within the engagement dome of a prospect’s interest. Just remember the SPOT methodology: Keep your content Specific, Pervasive and On-Target.



Too often, blogs, bylines—even video content—is bogged down from the start with flashy build-ups, wandering stories, mixed messages and other paraphernalia that fails to deliver a specific promise. The reader needs to know where you’re taking them, how you plan to get there—and most importantly—what‘s the payoff for providing you with their highly-valuable attention span.

You need to share exactly what issue you’re trying to address immediately, outline the steps you’re taking on the journey to follow…and then get to it without any further preamble. This doesn’t mean that content needs to be brief, but it does need to get to the point and stay on point (more on that later).


It’s natural to assume that by pervasive, I’m talking about content distribution. But while an effective distribution strategy is certainly essential, in this case, I’m talking about content that is addressing a pervasive need on the part of its audience.

Within your industry, what are executives struggling with right now?

  • Is it compliance?
  • Transforming big data into an actionable growth strategy?
  • The need to adopt a high-performance omnichannel environment?
  • The challenge of reaching and connecting to millennials?

In short, what is the burning question that your audience struggles to answer every day? Answer that question, or provide insight on how a business should be at least be preparing to deal with that question, and you can have stratospheric relevance in the hearts and minds of your target audience.


Now here’s the hard part: You made a case for content consumers to engage through a promise to deliver on key insights and strategies on a hot subject of interest to your audience. But you need to stay-the-course in making this promise reality.

Once off to a good start, well-intentioned content can often drift into the direct selling of products or services, or migrate into other topics that were not part of the original goal. When it comes keeping an audience on the rails to a call to action, or simply increasing your expertise equity in the minds of prospects and customers, discipline is the word of the day.

Establish a premise that resonates with those you’re trying to reach, stay on that premise until your audience leaves fulfilled with you to thank. That’s how the SPOT method is a clear, simple strategy to content that works. How well does it work? Ask yourself one question: Are you still reading this?

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