Freelancing is becoming the way business is done

Freelancing is becoming the way business is done

A recent survey shows some revealing number about what life is like as a freelancer. Two points jump out at me.

  • 73% of freelancers say they feel a sense of purpose working this way
  •  And 65% of people believe freelancers are happier than other professionals

Being happy and having purpose leads to being passionate about your work. Being passionate about your work leads to becoming an expert in your field.

As Elaine Pofeldt points out in her article, more corporations are getting comfortable relying on expert freelancers for mission-critical projects. To attract the happy, passionate, experts in the freelancing world, big corporations are moving away from working with staffing agencies and going directly to freelancing platforms such as UpWork.

This means that freelancers who once relied on relationships with recruiters to connect with the hiring managers might have to rethink their strategy and focus on how to brand themselves to stand out among a crowd.

And according to Neil Franklin’s article, those with a steady job who never considered leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck may need to start looking toward a life of freelancing. Some stats he sites include:

  • 94 percent of business leaders plan to continue using or expand their use of skilled contractors for specialized roles in the next year.
  • 79 percent of executives state leveraging contractors is a competitive advantage, citing an increase in agility as the primary benefit.
  • 47 percent state they are looking to hire contractors to fill management and senior executive roles, including c-suite contractors.

Published October 4, 2017


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