Are you prepared for the Future of Work?

by Sherry Heyl

Google “Future of Work” and you will see it is a hot topic. Many articles and interviews focus on emerging technologies and how those technologies will impact what jobs are available, which jobs will go away, and how work will get done.

Other people talk about where we will work and how we will be employed. Currently,  33% of the population are freelancers. That number is expected to increase over the next few years to 50%. More than half of companies are embracing some sort of telecommuting options. Beyond that, employees, and especially freelancers, are now expected to keep up with technical changes and new information without any formal training program.

Are you prepared for this?

I recently sat down with Emma Loggins to talk about Influencer Marketing for an upcoming webinar I am part of. However, as we were just chatting in general, our conversation turned to the future of work and was starting to get interesting, so I went ahead and turned on my phone camera so that I could share our thoughts with you.

If you want to hear our talk related to influencer marketing, sign up for this free, online, interactive event. 

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